San Sebastian – Spain – my favourite little town with the most Michelin-starred restaurants!

San Sebastian

stunning sunset in san sebastian
I have travelled almost all around Spain but my absolute favourite is San Sebastian. A gorgeous, cozy and stylish little town with the most Michelin-starred restaurants: Alameda, Arzak, Miramón Arbelaitz, Martín Berasategui, Mirador de Ulía, Kokotxa, Akelare, Mugaritz, Zuberoa. A total impressive number of 17 stars!!!

When we decided we were going to Spain, we could not resist so we booked Arzak about 10 months in advance! Our dinner reservation was at 10:00pm!! I said to my husband: “10:00pm??” and he replied “yes and they said it was an early reservation time!”. They were not wrong, we were almost the first to arrive!! In San Sebastian everyone has dinner after 10pm!!

Unfortunately I was so impressed by everything and absolutely starving that I forgot to take photos. Only one I remembered to quickly take because it’s presentation was incredible. Here it is

It was a vanilla cream dessert, so delicious as the rest of every single dish we had. An unforgettable experience that I highly recommend to everyone to have in their own “bucket list”.
Come on then, if you go to Spain you cannot miss having dinner at ARZAK
Address: Avda. Alcalde Jose Elosegui number 73, phone: 943 278 465 / 943 285 593, (fax: 943 272 753, email: Open From January to June: Closed Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday. From July to December: Closed Sunday evening and Monday. Closed for holidays: June 15 to July 2 and November 2 to November 26. Three Michelin stars restaurant. Avg. Price: Euro 80-100 plus drinks. About Euro 150 per head by the time you’ve added the wine etc., but well worth it!

San Sebastian is also famous for its bars as well as for its restaurants. Each bar is busting with Tapas, called Pintxos, cold and hot, generally enjoyed together with a glass of wine or a small beer, and the Spanish tradition suggests to have one pintxo and a glass of wine in one bar and move on to the next bar. There are just so many bars full of these pintxos on display that it’s very difficult to choose one! Believe me if you go to San Sebastian do not worry about your figure and don’t you ever go when you are on a diet, it’s just not worth it!! However if you love food just like me then this is heaven!!!

Pintxo(tapas)-San Sebastian

When you enter the cold pintxos are displayed on the bar as you can see in the above photo. Just ask the barman for your drink and pick the pintxos yourself. If you need a plate, just ask: “Me puede dar un plato por favor?”. Hot ones must be ordered from the barman and they take a short time to be cooked. There is always a hot tapas menu hanging from the wall.
Only one advice from me: do not go there when you are starving or you will end up having so many and paying quite a bit at the end of it. Each of them cost around 1 to 5 euros.

Also if you love clothes, amazing boutiques and shoes this is a city not to miss!!! None of the cities I have been to in Europe compare to San Sebastian! Every single person is well-dressed, elegant and stylish! Not even in Italy I have seen a town like this! You will need a lot of extra money to spend because I can assure you, you will not leave without breaking your budget in clothes and food!!

So come on what are you waiting for?!! Plan and book your next holiday to San Sebastian!! You will love it like I do!!
night in San Sebastian

If you have any questions or if you like to have more information please do not hesitate to contact me here or on my facebook page!

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