Did you know eating yogurt daily helps you burn fat, strengthen your bones, and keep your stomach flat?

Everybody at some point in life wants to lose weight and try different ways that might help achieve this goal..

Well did you know that yogurt can help you burn fat, strenghten your bones and keep your stomack flat?

In the April 2005 edition of International Journal of Obesity, obese adults reduced their caloric instake by 500 calories a day and ate three servings of low fat yogurt. Fat was shed at all parts of the body but particularly at the waist, and lean muscle was maintained. This group lost 22% more weight, 61% more body fat, and 81% more fat on the belly than the group who ate one serving of low fat yogurt each day.

Michael Zemel, who conducted the study, suggested that this was due to the high calcium content of dairy products like yogurt, which maintains muscle mass and bone density while helping the body lost fat. He suggests low fat yogurt with low calorie and sugar content for optimal weight loss, as fattier yogurts may negate dairy’s health benefits and non-fat yogurt does not contain the healthy fats that actually promote weight loss.

The study suggests that calcium and dairy protein are critical to fat and weight loss, especially around the midsection. Fat in this area is also known as visceral fat, a dangerous kind of fat that studies have shown is directly co-related to heart disease and diabetes, among other life-threatening conditions. The likely reason for yogurt’s ability to reduce body fat is that dairy protein and calcium increase metabolic rate and improve digestion.

Don’t like yogurt? Here are some creative ways to incorporate three servings of yogurt into your diet each day:

• Use yogurt in a smoothie.
• Substitute low fat Greek yogurt for mayonnaise or sour cream in your favourite dishes. (I always add low fat Greek yogurt to my burritos or my Mexican recipes instead of sour cream and it’s just as yummy!!)
• Eat it plain but sprinkle it with some of your favourite toppings like fresh fruit, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips, or honey. Greek yogurt is especially delicious and often eaten with honey.
• Eat yogurt with cereal.
• Make frozen yogurt and eat it in place of fatty, high calorie ice cream!
• Eat it with muesli and berries for a hearty and filling breakfast.
Options for Vegans and The Lactose Intolerant
Are you vegan or cannot tolerate dairy? Here are some calcium rich alternatives:
• Soy-based beverages
• Tofu made with calcium sulfate
• Canned salmon
• Dark leafy greens like collards or kale

For more information: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/501646

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