About me

About me

My name is Elfie and I’m half Italian and half Mexican but I have lived most of my life in Sydney, Australia, than anywhere else in the world. I was born in Mexico and at the age of nine my parents moved to Italy, where they still live. I was a very fussy eater when I was a child as I would only eat beans, tortillas with salt and chilli and my grandmother’s chocolate and walnut cake. When my family moved to Italy my aunts would look after me, while my mum was in hospital. During this time my aunts fed me their risotto, lasagne and homemade polenta. At the beginning I could say I was forced but then my palate changed and I began to like it and then love it! Unfortunately my mum doesn’t like to cook, she has never had the passion for it but would always say that she likes to eat but not to cook! There was never going to be a chance for me to eat those delicious dishes that my aunts prepared for me unless I went visit them or a restaurant. Therefore, I developed an interest in cooking and by the age of 13 I was already cooking and experimenting with a wood-stove because we didn’t have a gas stove at that time. Making cakes with a wood-stove was very challenging due to the frequent fluctuation of the heat, but I loved it and every Sunday I would spend the day inside the kitchen cooking from breakfast through to dinner while listening to my favourite music. My parents loved my food, especially my mum, in part because she didn’t have to cook. My confidence grew and I wanted to learn more. So when I started to work in hotels my best friends were the chefs, I loved to eat their food and ask them questions – they always liked me. They took care of me so well that every time I worked in a hotel or a mountain hut I put on weight and that fussy child didn’t exist anymore. I thought of studying to become a chef, but my mum would not agree so I decided to follow my other biggest passion: travel.

By the age of 19 my knowledge of Italian food was pretty good but I didn’t know much about any other cuisine. This is because in Italy every region has its own dishes and you hardly have a chance to try international food. It wasn’t until I met my husband and started to travel around the world that I realised that every cuisine is special with its own rich and delicate flavours and knowing how to cook Italian was not enough. But I must confess; that basic knowledge of Italian food and the ability to make a great cup of espresso coffee here in Australia worked to my advantage and by the age of 21 I was the manager of an Italian restaurant.

Since then much has happened and changed in my life but my passion for food hasn’t. I want you to eat, drink and travel with me.This is the reason that I have started this blog, so I can share with you the good life that I have been so fortunate in having thanks to my food and travel experiences.

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